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About Fort Nelson Fitness and Athletics

Get to know us

Fort Nelson Fitness and Athletics is a locally owned private, key card accessible gym facility located in the heart of Fort Nelson.  Fort Nelson Fitness and Athletics is the only key card access gym in Fort Nelson.  Our members have access to customized workout plans, professional and certified personal trainers, a wide range of fitness equipment suitable for all stages of your journey into a better you! full service 5000 square foot fitness facility that has everything you need to start or continue your fitness journey.

About Toni MacDonald

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Toni MacDonald is a CFSC L1 Coach, successful business owner, a mother of 2 and a wife. Raised in a small town, Toni was the first person in her family to attend University, after a few different careers her interest in fitness led her to create a small gym in her garage, which eventually expanded to a full health facility. Fort Nelson Fitness and Athletics has been a dream of hers for many years and finally came to light in the middle of a pandemic.  While not easy to open a 5000 sqft fitness facility in the middle of a pandemic, her passion and fire to serve any human looking to create a relationship with their personal wellness has remained the same. 


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